Rejuvenate Your Roof With A Roof Restoration

The roof of your house does a lot of work over its lifetime and sometimes it needs some extra care. If your roof feels like it needs a refresh and some new life breathed into it, a roof restoration may be just what you need. Getting a roof entirely replaced is a serious endeavour, and also an expensive one. Avoiding that is desirable and, in a lot of cases, a restoration is all that’s needed to bring your roof back to life. Restoration is more of a roof renovation as opposed to a complete overhaul that you would get from a replacement.

Metal Roof Restorations

Rainbow Roofing provides high-quality metal roof restorations in Perth. Due to the warmer, sometimes harsh, climate in WA Colorbond roofs often break down. After years of taking the full force of Perth’s weather roofs take on a powdery texture and can develop an unpleasant streaky appearance. Our metal roof restorations will make your roof look brand new again with a high-pressure water clean. Then, restorations will usually involve securing loose sheets or replacing broken ones, any rust present on sheets is treated, rusty or broken screws are replaced with new ones, anti-corrosive primer is applied and then to finish two coats of Nutech roof coating is applied. So if you’re looking for a tin roof Restoration or any other metal roof restoration Rainbow Roofing has you covered.


Roof Tile Restorations

Roof tiles can become cracked or broken for a number of reasons. Falling tree branches, severe weather or even normal wear and tear can cause tiles to become faulty. Cracked roof tiles usually lead to water damage within the roof because the seal breaks. This water damage can then lead to severe structural damage later on. Here at Rainbow Roofing we can replace any broken tiles as well as providing rebedding and repointing services. 


Signs You Need a Roof Restoration

Over time your roof will show signs of aging, this is inevitable. A roof restoration is perfect for roofs that are still intact but just need some extra care. They are also perfect for people who are renovating or planning to sell. In Perth, a roof restoration will add value to your property and raise your selling price. It will also enhance your house’s street appeal. The cost of a roof replacement will be dependent on the size of your roof and how many issues are present. There are many common roof issues that would be fixed from a typical roof restoration:

  • Leaks in your roof are one of the first indications that restoration is necessary. You may not always see water dripping through but if there are dark spots of mould, rot or excess moisture on your ceiling these are telltale signs of leaks.
  • Mould and rot can occur on the top side of your roof, inside on your ceiling, or within the roof itself and in any situation needs to be restored before it can get worse and cause structural damage. 
  • Roofs with damaged gutters and downpipes could benefit from roof restoration. These parts are refurbished or outright replaced if necessary. 
  • Cracked and broken tiles typically need restoring. Tile roofing is usually very durable but if broken tiles are left water can seep in and eventually cause structural damage.
  • Cement flashings can also crack and wear after time and cause major damage. The restoration process can fix this and replace old cement with modern metal flashings. This will make your roof more durable in the long term.
  • Damaged roof valleys require fixing as soon as possible and can cause lots of damage in the long run. Any loose material or wear around sealing points like chimneys and vents needs restoration as soon as possible. 
  • Corrosion and rust is another strong indicator of water leaking around fittings and fasteners. If you are noticing lots of flaking rust or flaking paint it might be time for a roof restoration.
  • Sagging in any area of your roof is a sure sign of damage and usually, once sagging occurs restoration is necessary to fix things. 
  • The length of your roof’s life also plays a massive part in whether or not restoration is needed. Newer roofs can be patched up here and there to fix small issues but with older roofs, those small issues can be an indication of much worse damage that isn’t visible. 


If you’ve gotten to the end of this article and you’re worried your roof is showing one, or multiple, signs that it’s in need of a restoration Rainbow Roofing has you covered. Call today to ask about your roofs specific problems or to get a quote!

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