1. Can I get a quote for my roof?

Yes, just provide us with your details and the office staff will arrange an obligation free quote at an appropriate time with you. Usually Monday to Friday but appointments can also be arranged for Saturdays.

2. Do I need to be home for the quote?

We prefer you are as we need to climb up onto your roof to carry out the inspection. Also if you have leaks we would like to see the area affected inside your home.

3. Can any roof be restored?

Most roofs can be restored providing that they are structurally sound.
We provide an obligation free inspections of all roof types.

4. What colours can you coat roofs?

We have a standard range of colours, but can also provide a colour matching service.

5. What do you do when there are Solar Panels on the roof?

We secure drop sheets over the panels to prevent any paint getting on them.

6. Will a roof restoration increase the value of my home?

A roof that has been recoated improves the appearance and increases the value of the home.

7. Will a roof restoration stop my roof from further deterioration?

Coating the roof with our products will prevent your roof from further erosion of the surface and inhibit the regrowth of mould, lichen,

8. Do you provide guarantees?

The Rainbow Roof Restoration provides a written guarantee that covers leaks for up to 24 months. The coating guarantee is for 10 years. Conditions apply.

9. Are there any Pensioner concessions?

We always give Pensioner discounts.

10. Do you have any payment term facilities?

We accept payments by direct debit, cheque, Visa and MasterCard.
We also have interest free terms, (to approved customers).

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