Nutech Tileflex 2000

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To reduce the damaging effects of the harsh Australian environment, Nutech has used the latest technology to impregnate Tileflex with surface cleaning Nano Technology.

This innovation guarantees that Tileflex sets new standards in roof coating performance, maximising the durability and total waterproof protection.

Using a durable coating protects your roof from the effects of ageing. All exterior surfaces and coatings undergo an ageing process caused by moisture, UV light radiation, temperature extremes, dirt, pollution, moss, lichen and bacteria. This ageing can result in gloss reduction, chalking, discolouration, blistering, flaking, loss of adhesion, and unsightly moss and lichen build up resulting in general coating failure. The key to the success of Tileflex is its amazing ability to resist the causes of ageing better than any other acrylic roof coating. Tileflex uses a unique system of surface cleaning nano technology to repel dirt pick up and contamination.

Tileflex contains highly effective polymer preservatives which provide long lasting broad spectrum, algaecide and fungicide protection to prevent polymer discolouration and deterioration and moss and lichen growth. Unlike many other roof coatings, TileFlex is also user friendly because it does not contain environmentally harmful formaldehyde preservatives.

Tileflex contains UV resistant non-fading pigments and tough flexible 100% acrylic polymers which will transform any roof into an attractive and functional surface. Tileflex is guaranteed not to peel, fade or crack subject to correct surface preparation and application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Next Generation in roof coating
  • Contains nano technology to repel dirt and retain gloss
  • Superior longer lasting gloss finish
  • Contains polymer preservatives to provide algae and fungus protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Ultraviolet resistant pigments

Suitable Surfaces:

  • Asbestos
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Metal Roofs
  • Terracotta Tiles

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