Prevent Roof Leaks With These 5 Tips

A leaking roof is not only an inconvenience and when left unattended, can be costly in the long run. A leak in your roof creates dampness that can develop mould in the cornices and eventually spread throughout the entire roof, where you will then need a new roofing system or roof restoration. In most instances, mould starts to develop within 48 hours and this needs to be avoided. If you are able to take preventive measures to ensure your roof is free from leaks, you can save time, money and stress less.

As roof restoration and repair specialists, we’re here to give you quality services and the advice you need to keep your roof in lasting condition. Having regular inspections every six months is enough to keep a roof leak at bay, but if you don’t know how to find roof defects and their causes, our essential tips can help you detect them and take preventive measures.


Identify common leak spots

Make note of areas that are leaking or have started to leak, such as skylights, chimney chutes, flashings, and plumbing vents. If a reputable technician installed these, they shouldn’t typically be leaking; however, it is best to stay on top of these areas and have them serviced as soon as possible.


Seal fixtures

Waterproofing all seals is imperative such as roofing features and tiles, as their design attracts water which runs into crevices and permeates wherever it can. Using a simple silicone sealant for leaks in features can do the trick, but if the leak has spread further it is best to call a specialist.


Clear obstructing trees and branches

It is recommended to trim all tree branches on your property that come within two metres of your roof. Not only does this prevent your roof from being damaged by your tree in severe weather, but it also stops animals from climbing onto your roof and nesting in your home. A qualified roofing specialist or tree expert can offer guidance on this and in some cases, you may need to have trees removed altogether.


Inspect your ceiling

Condensation and leaks can arise from improper ventilation and eave vents, vent fans, plumbing, air-conditioning and pests in the attic. Be sure to look out for mould, wet insulation when it hasn’t rained and rust or black rings around nails. Any sign of moisture in the air may be a sign of vents that are clogged with spider webs or dust. Regularly cleaning and maintaining these areas can help with air circulation and prevent moisture buildup and mould.


Clear and maintain your gutter system

If you’ve had your gutter installed by a professional it should be sloped correctly and fastened tightly to drain properly without any leaks. Simple maintenance such as clearing leaves and debris from your gutter can help keep your drainage system running in good condition and prevent any bursts or leaks.

Sometimes the source of a leak can be elusive but with these steps and measures, you can better care for your roof by preventing leak problems. At Rainbow Roofing, we are able to restore and repair all roofing systems and provide you with quality products and advice to maintain the most essential part of your home. If you suspect a leak in your roof or are having any issues and require specialist help, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We will inspect your roof to determine all your requirements before providing you with an obligation-free quote.

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