• “My sincerest thanks to Rainbow Roof Restorations for such a prompt restoration service. Please also extend my thanks to Ben for such a  wonderful & professional job.

    Ben was friendly and approachable throughout the whole day’s work and explained each step along the way. This afternoons internal house temperature was 8 degrees cooler than yesterday’s (even with my shade sails down) so I’m really excited to see the improvements during Summer.”

    - Shelly

  • “I’ve been thrilled with the insultec.  It’s done wonders to make the whole house far more comfortable, liveable and enjoyable.

    I’ve been especially impressed how the loft has held up.  Even on mild days, the loft used to get to too hot to use.  It’s as if the Insultec has created another room by making the loft liveable over Perth’s horrendous summer months.

    I had some experience on a community centre that had Insultec put on it.   But my expectations were well and truly exceeded.  Having a background in sustainability.  I’ve made some efforts to reduce the head gain her such as window tinting  and weather proofing.  These made some difference, but pales in comparison to the massive temperature drop achieved with Insultec.

    Thank You!”

    - Luke Strange

  • “Dear Sue & Graham,

    I’ve never been so happy to make an EFT transfer of $2000 for the balance of my roof maintenance.

    It is an utter transformation, it looks just so good I am delighted.

    Would it be possible for you to issue an Official Maintenance report for me to send to IPA Strata Insurance as notification that the entire roof has been repaired and maintained as per the Strata requirement?

    If it is possible would you please send it via email then I can forwared it to their office.

    Many thanks for adding the very last wonderful touch to the outside of my home.”

    - Margaret Maxfield, 04/07/14

  • “Was just thinking you guys should have a Facebook page.  We had our tile roof done by your company about 4 years ago, best money we ever spent.  Haven’t turned our aircon on today & it reached over 45c at the Geraldton Airport.

    I tell lots of people about the product. LOL.  We live at Cape Burney just south of Geraldton.”

    - Danielle